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About NOS Keys

NOS stands for "New Old Stock".

What is that? Generally-speaking, it applies to merchandise that has hasnt been sold by its manufacturer and is then sold wholesale to another company.

Where do sellers get New Old Stock?

 Sellers can get New Old Stock from a variety of souces: from stores that have closed; from distributors that have gone out of business; from stock warehouses; from wholesale auction lots. That just to name a few.

What are some of the reasons to buy New Old Stock?

Often you can get a brand new, unused item for a lot less money than a similar item would be if it were current. You can find more unique, one-of-a-kind items. Older items can be MUCH HIGHER QUALITY than the current counterpart.

What are some of the reasons NOT to buy New Old Stock?

 Items may not be perfect, due to age (e.g. fading, parts sticking, etc.). A seam on a dress be stressed from it being tried on repeatedly at the store, or perhaps a button loose. For the most part, you are very safe buying New Old Stock. Just READ the description carefully, do your homework, and know exactly what you're getting. If you have questions, ASK YOUR SELLER.

Will PayPal cover problems on New Old Stock? 

Yes. You are protected. If the seller says the item works, but you find it doesn't, you are covered, regardless of how old it is.

In summary

 DON'T BE AFRAID to buy an item that just happens to be New Old Stock. For many sellers, dealing in New Old Stock is their bread-and-butter and they will stand by their service and items as much if not more than sellers of brand new, current items, who have tons more just like it and don't have as much to lose by taking an item back and sending a replacement or sending the defective one back to the distributor for a credit. You could get an excellent buy on a quality item that's as individual as you are.

You can expect our NOS keys to be very close to factory direct quality, there may be a very minor piece of cosmetic scuffing or dust from sitting on a shelf. Our warranty still applies and feel free to msg us with any concerns!