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This page is for the frequently asked questions that people have about smart keys. most of the answers here are found around the site, but they are all collected here for your convenience. 

  1. Programming instructions

    1. FIRST check your owners manual to know if your vehicle has home programming methods. (commonly called PKE or RKE programming, or Keyless entry programming)
    2. Check the keylessjoe product listing (about 1 full page of text) for a programming instructions section and see if there is a home option! if a new key does not have information then ask support or your dealership
    3. If unsure, a dealership can always program keys. but they will not be happy you are not paying their high prices so be warned they will say anything to make their sale and have you return ours.  
  2. Is this key compatible with my vehicle?

    1. EVERY product listing has the vehicle compatibility on the description page under the header "VEHICLE COMPATIBILITY". Please read the entire product description (about 1 full page) for more information on your key.
    2. We buy USA market keys. if you live in USA or have a USA vehicle then our keys are designed for your vehicle. WE WILL STATE IN BOLD LIKE THIS IF A KEY IS FOR A FOREIGN MARKET.
  3. when will my key ship!?

    1. We ship every Monday-tuesday-wednesday-thursday-friday at 4:00PM EST. Your order must be in before that time to ensure the package ships same day. we do not ship on saturday or sunday. 
    2. Our shipping company automatically emails every customer their invoice and tracking number when the label is printed, This may be up to 4 hours before USPS makes its first update so do not worry if your tracking has not updated! (if your tracking has not updated in 2 business days PLEASE email our support!)
    3. Click here to learn more about our shipping. 
  4. is this key OEM? how can KeylessJoe sell so cheap?

    1. Short answer, Yes all our keys are made by the original manufacturer and are NOT cheap chinese fake knockoffs. 
    2. For a full page on our keys, please see our page "ABOUT our NOS Keys"
  5. How do i get a refund? how do i get a replacement?

    1. The following information is also on our 90 day warranty page! click here to read the full return/exchange page! 
    2. Our 90 day warranty covers almost anything that happens to your key. we digitally track the encoded serial number so we know 100% which chips we send out and get back in return. with this system our customers are able to return a key with a cut blade or perhaps a chip that was broke by a locksmith/dealer and still receive a full refund. so feel free to buy a key, have the dealer program it, and if any trouble happens and your key just wont work then just go ahead and contact us! we'll get your refund/exchange going and get you taken care of!

      FOR REFUND : write down your ENTIRE Order #, OR FULL address, OR full billing, OR just return your invoice/packing slip with REFUND wrote on the package or INCLUDE THESE EMAILS.

      FOR REPLACEMENT : write down your Order #, OR address, OR full billing OR just return your invoice/packing slip with REPLACE-(with the KeylessJoe SKU you want in return!!!!!!!!!) wrote on the package OR INCLUDE THESE EMAILS. Then send the key back to us here at the following address :

      Keyless Joe
      12393 michigan avenue east
      battle creek, michigan 49014

  6. Can you unlock my key?

    1. There are many tools out there that cost thousands! why pay more. yes we can unlock!
    2. Click here to learn more about our key unlocking
  7. vehicle specific questions

    1. PROXIMITY Features ( also called keyless-GO or Push-To-Start) DOES NOT WORK!
      1. if your proximity features are not working on your dodge/chrysler/jeep key then the cause is that the dealership or locksmith has programmed the key to your vehicles computer, but has not updated the key into the OTHER computer inside your car that is dedicated to proximity keyless-go features. Have your locksmith REINITIALIZE the PCM (prox control module) and your vehicles computer will synchronize so ALL features work on your vehicle. 
    2. Does the new 2013+ ram key fit on the 2009-2012 rams and vice versa.
      1. NO 2009-2012 keys do not work on 2013-2018 rams. Nor vice versa.
    3. Can i home program a 2013+ ram key (proximity or fobik)
      1. Mopar has blocked all home programming, they have forced all programming to the dealerships. 

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